What to look for in a good nursery school

What to look for in a good nursery school?

The nursery school is in a way child�s first formal introduction to the world outside his or her family. So you need to be extremely careful as a parent while looking for the best nursery school for your child. It is here that your child will learn discipline, be acquainted with various subjects and possibly make quite a few new friends. This is why you should always visit a school personally before enrolling your children in it. The philosophy of the school, the staff, the certification, hygiene standards are as important as the curriculum. Read on to know the things you should look for while searching for the best nursery school Singapore.

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The Atmosphere: A good school should have a vibrant, open and friendly ambience in order for your child to feel happy and comfortable there. Look for a school which has the reputation of being nurturing and friendly with the children.
Activities: It is important for a nursery school to have a host of activities which are not only interesting and engaging but stimulating to a child�s imagination as well. The best lessons are those which appear interesting and fun to a child. Therefore the more innovative and well thought out the activities at the nursery school the more the chances of your child having an enriching experience there.

Safety: Safety measures and adherence to health standards are of paramount importance while looking for a good nursery school for your child. It is your duty to ensure that you are putting your child in a safe environment, under responsible adult supervision when you enroll him or her in a nursery school. On your visit to the nursery school before the enrollment you should not find broken or damaged equipment or an unkempt playground. Also make sure that the school is sufficiently equipped to deal with fire hazards i.e. it has adequate number of fire extinguishers approachable as well as functional fire exits. There should also be proper waste management and the toilet, corridors etc. should be spotless.

The Staff: The staff is possibly the most important factor and plays a crucial role in your child�s experience at the nursery school. They should ask you questions about your child and get to know his or her habit, temperament and other necessary information in detail. They should also be friendly and approachable. Also look for a nursery school where the staff stays on for longer. This is important to provide a stable environment for your child.

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