What Are The Skills In Which Kindergarten Kids Should Excel For Academic Success

What Are The Skills In Which Kindergarten Kids Should Excel For Academic Success?

According to the kindergarten teachers, there are a few developmental areas which play an important role in determining how the kids fare in their preschool activities. While the connections between these areas might seem nonexistent, they nevertheless exists. Gaining an understanding of these areas and how they relate to the children´┐Żs performance in preschool is something which should be important for every parent out there. This will enable parents to better support their kids during their preschool years, thereby fostering greater development of skills. Fortunately, the awareness of this fact has now surged as indicated by the teachers of kindergarten schools in Singapore. In light of this phenomenon, Chiltern House Singapore Kindergarten has taken the initiative to simplify these facts for the general public. In this article we shall discuss what are the skills in which kindergarten kids should excel for academic success.

Fine motor skills
To those who are uninitiated, fine motor skills are the ones which enable people to exercise greater dexterity when it comes to manual tasks. Fine motor skills are essential for many tasks throughout one’s life such as writing, using cutlery and others like that. Having a high degree of fine motor skills enables kids to learn things faster, which will eventually
translate into greater confidence in doing anything. Since kids naturally have a strong curiosity for learning new things, making them work on their fine motor skills should not be hard. There is no dearth of activities which will make kids exercise their fine motor skills under the guise of games. By the time kids are ready to go to school, they should have developed a good pencil grip, scissor grip and lace grip at the very least.

Alphabetic awareness
The need of alphabetic awareness for kids needs no elaboration, as it is the first step on which kids develop the knowledge needed for the rest of their life. For those who are unaware of what alphabetic awareness is, it is the ability to make sense of the written words and letters without any assistance. Firstly, children must be taught to identify individual letters randomly. Once they are able to identify the letters correctly, they should be taught to identify basic words. This will enable the kids to get a jumpstart on reading, thereby arming them with the skills to pursue knowledge on their own. Although absolute perfection cannot be expected from kids, they should be able to exhibit decent alphabetic awareness by the time they are seven years old at the very least.

In conclusion, motor skills and alphabetic awareness are two of many skills that your child needs for a headstart in education. It is the two most important in our opinion. Fortunately with the establishment of quality preschools, you can worry less about your child’s development in this area when you send him or her to a one.

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