Brain Training Techniques to keep your Brain Fit

The decisions you make every day have an impact on your brain. Unfortunately, the effects of your neglect may not be easily visible, but you will slowly start noticing things like memory lapses, poor sleep patterns, and poor attention. Brain training Singapore suggests activities to addresses these issues, but what are you doing to make the situation worse. 

Failure to feed your brain

When trying to lose weight, you intentionally choose to eat healthy foods. What are you feeding your brain to ensure it remains fit? Unfortunately, many people do not even know that the brain requires a specific diet. Healthy fats are the preferred diet for the brain. 

Fish oils from salmon, walnuts, flax seeds, and olive oil are some of the foods that are good for your brain. You should also reduce the saturated fats you consume. If possible, eliminate trans fats from your diet. 

Following the same routine

When you do the same things, in the same way, every day, your brain will slowly shut down. At this point, you may start doing things on autopilot. Unfortunately, people often assume that they have perfected their routine enough to work through it with minimal effort when they get to this level. 

Your brain requires a challenge. It needs to be exposed to situations where you need to think, analyze, and even make tough decisions to keep functioning optimally. Instead of sticking to a routine, find additional things to do to keep the brain active. 

This is especially essential if your job is not challenging enough. Cognitive training Singapore recommends learning a new skill, changing your workout routine, seek a new hobby, and widening your social network to improve your brain’s function. 

Spending too much time in front of the television

One may argue that the television keeps the brain busy, whether one is watching movies or educational documentaries. However, television equally takes time away from other activities that are great for the brain. Playing card and board games are critical for brain fitness. You may also be denying your body exercise, which is equally good for your brain. 

Brain fitness training Singapore suggests limited TV time so that you can have time left or socializing and skill development. Too much TV time, unfortunately, replaces some of the best activities that keep the brain fit. 

Failing to read

Many adults last read a book when they were in school. This could not be by choice. Sometimes, your lifestyle leaves you with little or no time for reading. However, it is important to find time to read daily. Even if you have to read only one chapter or a few pages, it is better than nothing. 

If you enjoy reading, you can avoid monotony by reading new authors or changing the genre you enjoy reading once in a while. For example, if you enjoy historical books, you can try a contemporary book next. You are not just giving your brain a workout, but you will be improving your communication and storytelling skills. 

You are primarily responsible for your health. The choices you make daily have a consequence, so you must make decisions that will improve your brain’s health. When planning your day or week, you need to ask, “which activities help to keep your brain fit?” Fortunately, brain training Singapore includes exercises, a diet, and readily available activities that can easily include in your daily schedule. 

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