Telltale Signs that Your Child Attends More Enrichment Classes Than He Can Handle

In the past, the term “enrichment class”, was foreign to many parents in Singapore. The same cannot be said of right now, as almost every parent knows just how crucial these classes are to the academic success of their children.

It is now common to see kids below four years of age involved in several enrichment classes (music, drama, swimming, math and science). Parents are ready to squeeze out time out of their busy schedules to take their kids to two or more enrichment classes.

They are willing to sacrifice their time and resources because they passionately believe that these after-school enrichment classes help students develop further.

There is a popular saying that too much of everything is bad. In that light, signing your kid up for too many enrichment classes may do more harm than good.

Below are some tips that can help you tell if your kid is struggling to keep up with his enrichment classes and what you can do to help.

Your child’s behavior

This is one of the easiest ways to know if your child is happy with the classes you signed him for. If you notice that your happy and easy-going kid is now uncooperative, there is a chance that the stress from his classes and extracurriculars is getting to him.

Unlike adults, kids are not able to express themselves as well. Sometimes, they will not even be able to narrow down the cause due to their unhappiness and stress. This may prompt them to act out or misbehave.

Physical discomfort

As an observant parent, you may be able to tell if your child is having a blast at his enrichment classes or not. His excitement level, body language, and demeanor when it is time to go to these classes can say a lot.

If you notice that your child starts making excuses ranging from being sick to feeling tired, there is a chance that he is not enjoying his time at the enrichment center.

What you can do to help

Needless to say, enrichment classes are great and can help kids of different age groups develop quicker. However, if you notice that your kid isn’t as excited about these classes as he was before, there are a few things you should do. Below are some of them.

Quick Analysis

Grab a piece of paper and write down the classes you signed him for and the number of activities he has to juggle during a week. Since kids don’t have the same mental focus as adults, you must view the schedule from the perspective of a child.

Remember that what may seem logical to you may not make any sense to your child who wants to relax and enjoy a time of play after a demanding day at school.


Building a strong communication line between you and your kid is important, especially in their early years. If your child is comfortable talking to you, it will be easy for him to air his concerns, frustrations, and emotions.

You might even be able to ask him about his weekly workload and provide valuable insights on how to help him cope.


Enrichment classes are great and can help kids of all ages reach their potential. But that doesn’t mean that you should sign your kid up for multiple enrichment programmes at one time.

You should remember that kids are not adults who can multitask well and juggle many things at a time. 

If your child’s mood and countenance change after signing him up for several enrichment classes, you should ask him if he is still having fun and enjoying these classes. Your goal should be to ensure that your child is learning and having fun.

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By Martha Campbell

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