Kansas City United is a small independent club that challenges its teams any players to the highest levels. Here is how our players and teams did this Fall.

League Division Winners

Kansas City United U8 Boys Attack

The U8 Boys Attack finished 6-1-1 to win their division in Heartland.

Kansas City United U8 Boys Sharks

The U8 Boys Sharks finished undefeated in league this fall.

Kansas City United U14 Boys Alliance

Won their division of Heartland going 6-2 this season.

Other Great Results from Kansas City United teams this spring

Kansas City United U14 00/01 GIRLS Rangers

We’re finalists in the HIT tournament, playing against teams from outside the metro.

Kansas City United U12 02/03 GIRLS BOLT

Finished 2nd in their division going 7-1.

Kansas City United U17 97/98 GIRLS Rangers

Finished 3rd in Premiere 1 of MRL finishing 5-2-1. They will be playing next weekend in the knockout stages of State Cup.

Kansas City United U17 02/03 BOYS Fireballz

Finished 3rd playing 11v11 U12 this season.

Notes from Editor:

Great Job to all of the teams this season. We had many teams playing up a year and doing MRL. We as a club strive to not only win our leagues but to play against the strongest teams and constantly improve our teams to the highest levels.

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