Making Friends in the Early Years Prep Kids for Life Away from Home

Making Friends in the Early Years Prep Kids for Life Away from Home

Kids tend to get grumpy after a long holiday when they are sent back to school. It can be quite a tough job for a parent to see the little one cry as s/he fights to stay at home. While it may be great to have the smallie at home, s/he needs to attend school, whether s/he is ready to or not.

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School is that time in life when innocence is at its peak. Making friends in the early years helps kids better their social and developmental skills for the later years. Evidence has proven that an only child comes out of her/his shell while s/he is in the company of her/his peers.

Group study is a wonderful way for kids to iron out their study problems with classmates. As children are grouped into sections during a classroom setting, they debate and deconstruct the details provided by the educator. It brings out the reasoning and analytical power of the child at the nursery school Singapore instead of staying put at one desk all the time.

Keeping mum in the class is never a good sign for the teacher or the student. Either the child has not comprehended the details or the teacher has not provided valuable information in an easy manner for the nursery child. Asking questions to children in the class is a done deal across schools. When a child does not have the answer, the teacher finds a solution by provided personal tutorship for the child so that the child understands.

A group of children laughing at something is music to the ears. Their giggles can keep you happy for hours on end. As children get to know their classmates, their love for various subjects in the classroom opens up. Using this as a way to get children involved in a subject opens up their minds to learning and deciphering content provided by the textbooks and the educator.

Learning about others in the classroom is an education in itself. Children get to learn about their classmates and their ways back home through verbal discussions in the classroom. Speaking out is encouraged as this breaks away any shyness and barriers as kids just continue being kids for as long as they possibly can.

As children learn to make friends with their peers, they are ready to leave the nest and make way for a life of learning and fun in school.

By Martha Campbell

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