Everything You Need to Know About Professional Development for Teachers

professional development for teachers

In the fast-paced world that we live in, nothing stays stagnant for long. The educational space in Singapore has experienced several changes over the years, and more changes are expected in the future.

Teachers, who are at the forefront of the education industry, need to undergo regular training to upgrade their skills and learn about new teaching strategies and better ways to assess their students.

Educators who want to stand out from the crowd, deliver better results, and stay relevant in their field have to sign up for professional development programs for teachers. This article is going to cover what these programs are all about and why they are so important.

What exactly is teacher professional development?

There are quite several professional development programmes available for teachers in Singapore. Before signing up for any of them, it is important that you first learn what they are all about and theperks theyoffer.

Teacher professional development is a learning program that is designed exclusively for educators. The purpose of the program is to help teachers improve their teaching skills and boost the performance of their students.

What to expect?

It is easy to assume that professional development programs will be stiff and rigid or fun and exciting. But the truth is that it can go both ways. The training can either be an informal or a formal setting.

  • Formal settings include- workshops, courses, retreats, conferences, seminars, and so on.
  • Informal settings include – independent research, chatting with colleagues, and peer learning programs.

Keep in mind that professional development programs for teachers can take place at different levels. Below are a few of them.

  • District-wide
  • Individual basis 
  • Among teachers in a school

Why are teacher professional development programs so important?

Many school administrators in Singapore will agree that professional development for their teachers isn’t among their top priorities. The obvious reason why they don’t give much preference to these programs is that they don’t know how important it is and the benefits it offers.

Below are some of the perks of professional development programs.  

It affects the learning process

It is no news that good teachers can help students reach their potential and become better versions of themselves.

Teachers that have access to continuous training and up-to-date strategies and techniques in their field can assess the needs of their students and help them perform better.

Hayes Mitchel, an experienced educator, pointed out that the most effective professional development for teachers is those geared towards helping teachers focus on the needs of their students.

It ensures the success of new teachers

One study conducted a while back shows that up to 50% of teachers leave their profession within 5 years.

While there may be a lot of reasons for this development, there is no alternative for practical experience when it comes to teaching.

Many of the leading educators in Singapore are able to overcome any problem that has been thrown in front of them and ultimately help their kids grow because they have undergone numerous training in the past. Greenhorn teachers with little or no experience are likely to struggle because they haven’t had any training.

If new teachers undergo professional development training, they will be more likely to overcome the challenges that will inevitably come their way in the education industry.

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