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Indoor Soccer Facilities:
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Simply Soccer . All American Indoor Sports . Overland Park Indoor Facility . Soccer Dome . Sports City
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Simply Soccer Indoor Facility Simply Soccer Indoor Facility
Take I-35 to Santa Fe exit (135th St.) Head east to Clairborne. Head south to the first light which is S. Rogers Rd. Turn West onto S. Rogers Rd. which turns south following I-35. Drive into KSYSA parking lot and go to the rear. Simply Soccer is the center warehouse.
All American Indoor Sports All American Indoor Sports
From I-435 and 87th Street: head east to Rosehill Rd. Take a right on Rosehill. From I-35 and 87th Street: head West on 87th and take a left on Rosehill Rd. All American Indoors Sports is on the Left.
All American Indoor Sports (Overland Park) All American Indoor Sports (Overland Park Facility)
From 87th and Quivia: Head south on Quivia to 91st Street. Take a Left on 91st Street then at a four way Stop on Bond Rd take another Left. The Overland Park Facility is off Bond Rd on the right side.
Soccer Dome Soccer Dome
From I-435 and Fromt Street: Head West on Fromt Street to Univirsal Ave. Take a Right on Univirsal Ave to Equitable Rd and take a Right.
Sports City Sports City
From I-70 and Exit 21 NE Adams Dairy Parkway: Head South on NE Adams Dairy Parkway to Coronado Rd. Take a Right on Corando Rd