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What is a travel permit, do I need one, and if so, how do I get one?

If you are registered as a Kansas team and you travel to a tournament in a state other than Kansas , or if you are registered as a Missouri team and you travel to a tournament in a state other than Missouri , you will need to obtain a travel permit. You do not need a travel permit for a tournament in the state in which you are registered. This means that Kansas teams need travel permits for tournaments in Kansas City, Missouri, but not for tournaments in Topeka, Emporia or Wichita, even though travel is farther.

Generally the Club administrator will arrange and pay for a travel permit if you have the club pay the entry fee and arrange your entry into a tournament. If you chose not to use the club's services you can obtain a travel permit on line through the Kansas Youth Soccer web page: https://ssl.hammerhead.net/KSeTravel/UserSearch.asp . Be sure to go to the State Office and pay for your Travel Permit after you complete the form on line. Failure to pay for the permit can result in your team being placed in "bad standing", which means your team will be banned from any play until the matter is settled.