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How do I register my team and players?

In addition to registering your team, you must register each player. Initial registration is handled differently for each League you play in and for each different State, though once a player is registered with a League; he remains registered for the entire year.

We prefer to register our players with the KUSL. The KUSL allows its member teams to utilize Club Passes. This allows moving players between teams thereby finding a better "fit" for each player with minimal paper work and expense. The KUSL is also less expensive. Registration for the Kansas United Soccer League is now handled through Alan Blinzler at his home, 12326 Walmer, Overland Park , KS 66209 .

Registration for the Kansas Premier Soccer League is handled through Dave Morrow, the League's registrar, at his home, 8805 W. 82nd Terrace, Overland Park , Kansas (approximately one block west of Antioch .) For each Kansas player you need to give Dave or Alan the following:

1) A copy of the player's birth certificate, passport photo page, or driver's license (if the player has played in the league previously the registrar will have this information in the computer and it will be unnecessary;

2) A team roster;

3) A completed USYSA/KSYSA Player Membership Form. This form is available from the KSYSA web page - http://www.kansasyouthsoccer.org/KYSA_Membership_Form.pdf ; and,

4) A completed disclosure form for all coaches and team managers. The disclosure form is completed on line at - https://onlinereg.leagueone.com/rm/RmDisclosure.aspx?O=1028&I=10 . After October, 2006, no additional forms need be completed for Missouri players.

You may be registering a player who is, or will be, rostered on another team. This multi-rostered player will require you to submit a Multiple Roster Request Form also available on the Kansas Youth Soccer web page. If the player has already been rostered on a team in Kansas the fee is $5.00 rather than $13.00. For players registered in Missouri use the Dual Roster Request Form on the Missouri Youth Soccer Association web page.

Registration for the Region II National League, which is limited to the top four teams qualifying in the previous year's State Cup Competition requires the same forms and payment, but submission is made to the KSYSA State Office, in Olathe , Kansas . Supplemental registration, which includes any change to your roster after your team is initially rostered, such as the addition of a new player, requires the following:

1) A Request for Release/Transfer Form signed by the player's previous coach if the player was registered with another team or a Multiple Roster Request Form signed by the coaches of both teams;

2) A Supplemental Roster Form, or in the event your team is composed primarily of Missouri players playing in a Kansas League (your Official State Roster will say Missouri) use the Missouri Supplemental Team Roster.

3) A check for $5.00, if the player was previously registered, or $13.00 ($15.00 for Missouri residents) if registering the player for the first time.

4) If the player is a multi-rostered player, follow the same steps as outlined above for an initial registration. For each player rostered to your team you will need to have a notarized Player Info/Medical Release Form. This form is required to be with you at all games, and you will not be allowed to check into a tournament without this form on each player. DO NOT SUBMIT THIS FORM TO THE LEAGUE REGISTRAR. Once a player is successfully registered you will receive back your OFFICIAL STATE ROSTER and a player pass for each player. The State you are registered with is determined by the number of players you have from each State. The State with the most players is the State you are registered with, whose rules you need to follow, and the State you play State Cup in. Keep your original OFFICIAL STATE ROSTER in a safe place, and make many copies. You will need to submit a copy of the roster whenever you apply for a travel permit, check in for a tournament, and to give to the leagues you play in. You will need to obtain a COLOR photograph of each player (wallet size or smaller) and attach the photograph to the back of the player pass. The have the player sign the pass and have the pass laminated. You can have the passes laminated at the Heartland Soccer Offices, at the Heritage Soccer Park , at Kinko's and other area copy and printing shops, or Alan Blinzler will do it. It is helpful when registering a team or player to submit a Submission of Player Data Form.

Player registration for Indoor Leagues is separate and in addition to registration for regular league play. To register your players for indoor leagues see the information concerning the indoor facility you wish to play at under TEAM REGISTRATION.