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What are Guest Players?

Each tournament, except State Cup, Regional Cup and Nationals, will allow you guest players, usually between three and five. You can use guest players to replace players who are unable to play in the tournament. When you decide on a player you would like to use as a guest player, you should contact the player's team manager or coach and request the use of the player in the tournament. If the request is approved, you will need to have the guest player's coach or manager complete the following state appropriate form and have the form approved by either the your State Office or your League Registrar: Kansas Guest Player Form: Player Loan Agreement Missouri Guest Player Form: Guest Player Permission Form.

To use a guest player you will need the completed permission form, guest player's card, and a copy of the player's medical authorization form. Like the eTravel form, you can complete a guest player permission form on line at https://ssl.hammerhead.net/KSeTravel/UserSearch.asp.